Why Judy's Place

Leaving an inpatient treatment environment is overwhelming. These factors can make it even more so:

  • You were living with people who use drugs or alcohol

  • You must stay clean before you can live with your family again

  • You do not have a clean support system

  • You are new to recovery and the 12-step program


If this sounds like you, Judy’s Place gives you the best chance to stay clean while reducing your relapse risk. We will give you more than a place to live. We will give you a proven structure, safety and support—all of the necessary tools to rebuild your life.

What to Expect

While we ask you to give us 90 days, most residents will willingly stay between six to nine months. This will ensure that you can focus on your recovery, men and women live in separate homes. We have mostly single resident rooms. We offer leadership opportunities by selecting a peer to act as a house manager after completing the program.

Counsel & Advice

Living With Us

Colorful Homes

Go to daily 12-step meetings, have a sponsor, a home group, and a service commitment

  • Attend two in-house meetings a week, one with a featured recovery speaker

  • Help make sure your home is safe for everyone by taking random drug screens

  • Get linked to counseling and treatment if you are not already

  • Have a job within two weeks of your admission using our employment resources (If not employed)

  • Go out and have visitors while respecting your home’s curfew

Image by Helena Lopes

Providing you with the best services

and home recovery