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About Judy's Place

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Judy’s Place Recovery Homes is a family owned business. Motivated by the beautiful spirit that raised and supported one of its founders through her active addiction and along her road to Recovery. Judy Krenik Bates, the mother of Kellie Jo Krenik-Brown is the spirit that watches over Judy’s Place. Judy’s Place was created to carry on the memory of Judy and as a way for its founders to give back what was so freely given them. Kellie and her husband, Co-founder Joseph Brown believes whole heartedly that they can only keep what they have by giving it away. We believe that all who suffer from the disease of addiction can recover and find a new way to live. Through this vision, Judy’s Place was born. 

Our Team

At Judy’s Place we consider ourselves a family. Our staff consist of its founders who offer support based on their personal experiences and successes with Recovery. We have unique skills sets that we utilize in a variety of ways whether it be home operations, resident relations, recovery community outreach, and more. We are available to answer questions or provide resources to people, families and friends of people looking for recovery.

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Team Members

Mrs Brown

Kellie Brown

Mr Brown

Joe Brown

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